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Fabric Specifications

Knowing the fabric specifications and all the safety standards it is tested to is very important when purchasing protective clothing for your team. You need to ensure it is protecting you from all potential safety concerns while out on the job. Actionwear has been manufacturing with these fabrics for over 40 years and know them very well. We encourage you to do your own research as well to ensure you are educated before making a decision on FR garments for your team. If you have any questions that you cannot find the answer for please reach out to us at Sales@actionwear.ca and we will assist you. 

Below is a links to a PDF document that contains all of the information in regards to Westex products and specifications. If you are looking for copies of the testing results for any of the fabrics please send this request to Sales@actionwear.ca

Thank you


9oz Westex UltraSoft                                                    7oz and 9oz Amplitude



7oz Westex UltraSoft                                                    10oz Westex Epic



8.5oz Westex UltraSoft AllOut                                        PyroSafe Fleece       



13oz Westex Ultrasoft Indura                                         PyroSafe Knit



  6.5 oz Westex Ultrasoft DH                                          6oz Nomex



6.7oz Tecasafe Plus                                                       7oz Nomex MHP