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Fabric Specifications

For nearly 50 years Actionwear FR has been constructing quality workwear in Canada. Understanding how your garment protects you from the hazards you face each day is a vital piece for your safety plan. We want our customers to have the information they need to make the right choice when purchasing personal protective equipment. 

Select the logo below to view additional information regarding the fabrics used to craft Actionwear FR workwear.

If you require further information or support, we are always here to help. Please reach out to our experienced team at sales@actionwear.ca or call 866.933.3088 



9oz Westex UltraSoft                                                    7oz and 9oz Amplitude



7oz Westex UltraSoft                                                    10oz Westex Epic



8.5oz Westex UltraSoft AllOut                                        PyroSafe Fleece       



13oz Westex Ultrasoft Indura                                         PyroSafe Knit



  6.5 oz Westex Ultrasoft DH                                          6oz Nomex



6.7oz Tecasafe Plus                                                       7oz Nomex MHP